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Heartbeat Hot Sauce

All of our sauces are made with maximum flavour and balance in mind. Each sauce is bright, bold, healthy, and deliciously unique. We ferment our peppers using traditional methods before we cook them with a few simple, high quality ingredients. We add no water, thickening agents or chemical preservatives of any kind making our sauce as natural as it gets. All of our recipes are proudly developed, cooked, bottled, packaged, and distributed from our dedicated facility in the South Core of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

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SKU21108 Heartbeat Blueberry Habanero Hot Sauce CA$11.99
SKU21343 Heartbeat Dill Pickle Serrano Hot Sauce CA$11.99
SKU19767 Heartbeat Hot Sauce Red Habanero CA$11.99
SKU21109 Heartbeat Jalapeno Hot Sauce CA$11.99
SKU21342 Heartbeat Lion's Mane Piri Piri Hot Sauce CA$12.99