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La Pimenterie

La Pimenterie

La Pimenterie was born of boozy conversation among friends about oak-aged Sriracha sauce during which Quebec filmmaker Julien Fréchette proclaimed he would launch a new line of gourmet hot sauces.

Today, La Pimenterie is located in the co-operative facilities of Ma brasserie, in Montréal’s Rosemont neighbourhood. Their delicious beer is used in several of La Pimenterie’s recipes. Julien opts for local peppers whenever possible and buys apple cider vinegar made at the ecological orchard Au coeur de la pomme in Frelighsburg.

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  • La Pimenterie - 'Special Hop' Hot Sauce

    La Pimenterie - 'Special Hop' Hot Sauce

    You can even use it to make a summer cocktail! The possibilities are endless!!
  • La Pimenterie - Bollywood

    La Pimenterie - Bollywood

    Inspired from the subcontinent, this sauce has a rich, powerful taste softened by a hint of maple syrup.
  • La Pimenterie - Chene Reaction

    La Pimenterie - Chene Reaction

    A simple hot sauce, yet tasty and complex, composed of fermented peppers, to which we add a touch of oak!

  • La Pimenterie - Cold Turkey

    La Pimenterie - Cold Turkey

    This sauce is made with Quebec cranberries, red jalapeños and spices from the boreal forest.
  • La Pimenterie - Colonel

    La Pimenterie - Colonel

    Mustard seed, Scotch Bonnet peppers, pale ale and honey.
  • La Pimenterie - Formica Fortis Hot Sauce

    La Pimenterie - Formica Fortis Hot Sauce

    A fruity sauce with a lively aroma of citrus fruits, mangoes and ants!
  • La Pimenterie - Fumisterie

    La Pimenterie - Fumisterie

    A flavourful dark sauce. A blend of chocolate habaneros, spices, dark beer and a hint of coffee, this roasty and smoky sauce is a must for fans of spicy barbecue sauces.
  • La Pimenterie - Newton

    La Pimenterie - Newton

    A savant mix of fresh apples, Mexican chipotle and maple syrup.
  • La Pimenterie - Royal Bourbon

    La Pimenterie - Royal Bourbon

    This is Julien’s favourite sauce.
  • La Pimenterie - Vertigo

    La Pimenterie - Vertigo

    Inspired from Mexico, this green sauce has a jalapeño and spice base with fresh notes of cilantro, sweet bell pepper and lime.