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NW Elixirs

NW Elixirs NW Elixirs makes spicy cooking sauces that will make you think you have a chef in your kitchen! They're award-winning all-natural sauces will turn any meal into a culinary experience that bursts with flavor. The sauces are perfect complements whether cooking, grilling, baking, marinating or using as a finishing sauce. Meats, vegetables, soups, salads, even beverages and desserts!
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  • NW Elixirs Hott Jolokia

    NW Elixirs Hott Jolokia

    Chef Andrew has aged Ghost Pepper's from Puckerbutt Pepper Co. in a Pacific Rum Barrel from Bull Run Distillery in Portland, Or.
  • NW Elixirs Hott Sauce

    NW Elixirs Hott Sauce

    This Sauce is a Habanero based hot sauce. It contains no artificial preservatives.
  • NW Elixirs Verde Hott

    NW Elixirs Verde Hott

    This sauce is the reigning New York City Hot Sauce Expo 1st place winner for Jalapeno based hot sauce.
  • NW Elixirs Hott Smoke

    NW Elixirs Hott Smoke

    This is the be all chipotle based sauce. With its smoked onions, garlic, and ancho chilies this sauce is like a condensed BBQ sauce without the refined sugars, gums and extracts.
  • NW Elixirs Rojo Hott

    NW Elixirs Rojo Hott

    Rojo Hott is inspired by classic mole sauce, with deep roots in South America cuisine.
  • NW Elixirs Bangkok Hott

    NW Elixirs Bangkok Hott

    It's great for stir-fry and other high heat cooking, grilled fish and vegetables.