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No.7 Hot Sauce

No.7 Hot Sauce No.7 Hot Sauce started with the idea of sharing our recipe with our coffee shop community in Toronto. Today, you can find No.7 products across Canada in local restaurants & shops. Sandra & Carlos want to continue to produce clean, healthy & natural products that you can enjoy with your family & friends.
All of their sauces are made naturally, meaning exactly that without the use of preservatives whatsoever, as well as vegan, no sodium, no sugar, gluten-free and peanut-free.
We are very pleased to partner with No.7 Hot Sauces to fulfill their online orders.


  • No7 Jalapeño Hot Sauce

    No7 Jalapeño Hot Sauce

    This is your traditional Salsa Verde, tangy and fresh tasting.
  • No7 Habanero Peach Hot Sauce

    No7 Habanero Peach Hot Sauce

    Spicy meets sweet in one sauce.
  • No7 Chipotle Hot Sauce

    No7 Chipotle Hot Sauce

    This smoky sauce is Medium in Heat with a ton of flavour.
  • No7 Original Habanero Hot Sauce

    No7 Original Habanero Hot Sauce

    This No.7 Habanero hot sauce started the official line of hot pepper sauces. Being the original and setting the stage for 2013 and the hashtag of #TorontoLikesItHot.
  • No7 Cayenne Hot Sauce

    No7 Cayenne Hot Sauce

    This sauce is a classic tomato-based salsa & allows the Cayenne pepper (known in Mexico as Arbol) to shine with its nutty and toasty flavour profile.
  • No7 Ghost Hot Sauce

    No7 Ghost Hot Sauce

    For all those who prefer more heat but still enjoy flavour this is your sauce.
  • No.7 Spicy Ketchup

    No.7 Spicy Ketchup

    Add it to your favourite sandwich or create your own pizza sauce, the ideas are endless.
  • No.7 BBQ Sauce

    No.7 BBQ Sauce

    No.7 BBQ Sauce is a silky, smoky, Mexican sauce with a distinct amount of heat.
  • No. 7 Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky

    No. 7 Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky

    Deliciously hot... keeps you coming back for more.
  • No7 Fiesta Box

    No7 Fiesta Box

    Toronto’s very own Mexican Fiesta in a Box!
  • No7 - The Complete Set

    No7 - The Complete Set

    The No7 Complete set is the best way to enjoy every product we make!!