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No.7 Hot Sauce

No.7 Hot Sauce

Blending a Mexican tradition here in Canada.” Sandra and Carlos Flores a husband and wife team, officially launched the No.7 Mexican Hot Sauce brand in March of 2013 in the Junction Triangle, a neighbourhood in the west end of Toronto with only 1 flavour. No.7 products are made in Canada, all Natural, Vegan, Peanut & Gluten Free, No added Salt or Sugar. Where the blending a Mexican tradition is now.

We are very pleased to partner with Sandra & Carlos to fulfill online orders for No.7 Hot Sauce.


  • No7 Chile de Arbol Hot Sauce

    No7 Chile de Arbol Hot Sauce

    Chile de Arbol actually reaches midway on the Scoville Scale at 15,000 - 30,000 heat units. Spicy!!!
  • No7 - Piri Piri Sauce

    No7 - Piri Piri Sauce

    No7 Hot Sauce has created a Piri Piri Sauce that is natural with no salt or sugar added.
  • No7 Jalapeno Relish

    No7 Jalapeno Relish

    This was created as a clean add-on to any burger, hot dog or grilled meats without all the sweetness from typical relish/condiments out there. Love adding flavourful toppings? Here it is in a relish form.
  • No7 Hot Sauce - Spicy Ketchup

    No7 Hot Sauce - Spicy Ketchup

    Spicy Ketchup? Who doesn't like ketchup?