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Phlippen Sauces

Phlippen Sauces Handcrafted in small batches in Kitchener, Ontario, Phlippen premium sauces are naturally smoked with cook wood and the finest of local ingredients. Now, this is not your ordinary condiment, in fact, Phlippens is proud to be a little different. Phlippen’s sauces feature complex layers of flavours: sweet, hot, smoky and tangy. Whether it’s on meat, vegetables, pizza or a sandwich, Kris wants to make your good food Phlippen good!


  • Phlippen's Hot

    Phlippen's Hot

    Our Phlippen Hot is made with the same great hand-smoked local ingredients as our Phlippen Original but with a Phlippen Kick!
  • Phlippen's Jerk

    Phlippen's Jerk

    Made in small batches with hand-smoked local ingredients, this jerk isn't your typical jerk sauce - this one is Phlippen GOOD!
  • Phlippen's Original

    Phlippen's Original

    Our Phlippen Original is packed with complex flavours from our garlic and onions, but it's unlike anything your taste buds have experienced before.
  • Phlippen's Sweet Heat

    Phlippen's Sweet Heat

    It's like Hot Honey but Phlippen BETTER!