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Sorry Sauce


  • Sorry Sauce '100 and 10%'

    Sorry Sauce '100 and 10%'

    This one's a real corker.
  • Sorry Sauce 'Angry Gander'

    Sorry Sauce 'Angry Gander'

    Our pal the Canada Goose seems really friendly until you get close and it turns into a cobra chicken. This sauce is just like that. Garlic, ginger and malt vinegar give this a sweet but savoury flavour, and it packs an impressive punch.
  • Sorry Sauce 'Apple-ogies'

    Sorry Sauce 'Apple-ogies'

    Homegrown McIntosh apples paired with Yellow Carolina Reapers, Aji Mangoes and Yellow Ghost Peppers in a base of carrots, organic coconut water and lime juice.
  • Sorry Sauce 'Go Mango'

    Sorry Sauce 'Go Mango'

    Go Mango is the original variety that got Sorry Sauce started.
  • Sorry Sauce 'Mapalm BBQ'

    Sorry Sauce 'Mapalm BBQ'

    The homegrown tomatoes provide thicker base so the sauce really sticks well to everything, and I brought in the black coffee from Buzz BBQ because black coffee makes everything better.