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Truffleist/Tango The Truffleist creates artfully handcrafted truffle products at our headquarters in Long Island City, Queens. We offer the highest quality products, developed from masterfully curated truffle ingredients, allowing customers to create and enjoy exceptional and enticing dishes. While our truffles are imported from the countrysides of Italy, France and Spain, we proudly source many of our base ingredients locally from small farms and artisanal producers.
Every bottle of Tango starts with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients we can source. Each flavor of Tango is made from Carrots, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Limes, Chile Peppers, Sawtooth Cilantro, and Sea Salt, all of which is good for you. Most of our produce is imported from Central America where the Tango flavor was born and raised. We only give our business to the finest importers and they take great care of us in return.


  • Tango Hot Sauce - Mild

    Tango Hot Sauce - Mild

    Mild Tango is the perfect hot sauce for beginners. The subtle sweetness of the carrots and gentle spiciness of the scotch bonnet peppers works on everything.
  • Tango Hot Sauce - Hot

    Tango Hot Sauce - Hot

    Hot Tango is the crowd favorite, and there's no wonder why. Signature delicious Tango flavor with all the heat you need.